Age of War

Age of War

Age of War


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Welcome to the world of Age of War! Get ready to strategize, defend, and triumph over your adversaries in this thrilling online game. Journey through 5 ages, each bringing unique units and technologies to expand your arsenal. From humble beginnings in the Stone Age with spearmen and catapults, progress through time to unlock formidable knights, cannons, and bombers.

Mastering the Game Controls

The controls in Age of War are simple yet effective. Left-click to select units or buildings, right-click to move units or construct buildings, and use the spacebar to unleash the full might of your selected unit on your enemies.

The Path to Victory: Building and Battling

To begin your conquest, start by constructing a barracks and training spearmen. With a sufficient number of spearmen, launch attacks on your enemies’ bases, aiming to obliterate them before they destroy yours.

Tips for a Successful Campaign

To ensure triumph on the battlefield, keep these tips in mind:

  • Balance your economy: Sustain your army by ensuring a steady production of resources.
  • Upgrade your units: Progress through the ages to unlock upgrades that enhance the power of your units.
  • Utilize special abilities: Unleash the unique capabilities of each unit to crush your foes.
  • Persistence is key: The later ages pose formidable challenges, but don’t give up! With practice, victory can be yours.

Age of War: Endless Excitement

Age of War is a captivating strategy game suitable for players of all skill levels. With its addictive gameplay and straightforward controls, it guarantees countless hours of entertainment.

Additional Information:

  • Developer: “Max Games”
  • Release Date: 2006
  • Free to play on several platforms, including Flash Games.
  • Acclaimed by both critics and players.